Corporate Wear

Casual wear is typically the dress code in which new forms of gender expression are attempted before being accepted into semi-casual or semi-formal situations.

Smart casual for men includes dress trousers—this includes chinos—a long-sleeve dress shirt, crewneck tees or collared tees, (tie optional), leather loafers or dressy slip-ons, dress socks, a belt, and, if appropriate, a sport coat or blazer. Some use  sweaters and knit pullovers paired with button-down shirts; especially v-neck sweaters.

For women, it consists of slacks or a skirt (long or short), a blouse or turtleneck, a fashionable belt, a jacket, a vest, or a sweater coordinated to the outfit, hosiery or socks with boots, flats (leather, suede, or fabric), high-heel or mid-heel shoesметоды smmpagespeedprincipauxитальянскаяинтернет магазин посуда москваподбор минус словсекс после пластики влагалищаПавелко